I once sat beside a woman at dinner. We were discussing the early church and the women who were leaders and the mentions of them in the Bible and in other places like wills, legal documents and funeral markers. The more I talked the more she started to shake. Finally she exploded and said “I’ve attended church all of my life. Why haven’t I heard any of this before?”

I created this website for her and so many like her. People who have only heard one version of the Bible and the early church, a mostly negative version, and who are desperate to see modern Christianity live the words of Jesus who told us to “love our neighbours”.

My name is Debb, and over the past thirty years I have earned two master degrees in theology, ministry, liturgy and women in early church history. I call myself a Contextual Theologian. That means someone who takes the passages of the Bible and puts them into their historic context so listeners and readers can have a better understanding of what those passages meant in their own time. Then we can compare that time to ours.

In addition to my academic life, I’ve been teaching and preaching in over a dozen church and Sunday schools in Eastern Ontario, working with youth events, writing curriculum and study guides.

This website will be a place to bring all of that together along with your questions, suggestions for teaching kids, and whatever else emerges along this journey. It is also a place to worship.

Christianity is as relevant today as it has always been. We just have to dig through 2000 years of clutter to hear the Gospel that inspired the early church.