Things you never learned in Sunday School

Your childhood Sunday School teachers did their best, but they probably didn’t have a background in Bible studies, theology or church history to answer all your questions. Here is an opportunity to find answers to some of the questions you have always had but no one answered, or perhaps questions you didn’t even realize you had.

If you have questions not yet covered, send them along and they will be added.


The Trinity
Understanding the most important principle in Christian tradition

Who or what is ‘Satan’?
Short exploration of who Temptation was and where the idea came from

What are the colours of the seasons
Purple, green, white and red, the church has used these colours for centuries.

Why does the creed say Jesus descended to hell?
The early church idea of ‘hell’ was very different from later art.

If Jesus died for our sins, why still talk about sin?
Sin is separation from God. We have to accept the mistake, and be honest.

Should Protestants talk about the saints?
We can always learn more about our faith by hearing about other Christians.

The Bible

Timelines Matter
In what order were the books of the Christian Scriptures written?

Or how Mary Magdalene was mistaken for a prostitute.

Jewish Numerology
Sometimes a number is more than a number.

Christian ‘mythology’
Another look at Genesis 1 – 11; myth does not mean it is false.

Did Moses really write all those books?
Tradition tells us Moses wrote the first 5 books. History tells it differently.

What does ‘Apocalypse’ mean?
Words change meaning over time. ‘Apocalypse’ is no exception.

Ruth and the other novels in the Bible
The Bible has 5 novels, and they were written as more than just entertainment.

Church History

Was Jesus Jewish?
Short answer: No. Jesus was born, lived and died a Hebrew.

Where women priests?
Definitely! Taking a quick walk through Romans 16.

Why does Easter keep changing dates?
Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring.

What happened to the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel?
A people ‘lost’ during the Assyrian captivity, c. 740 – 600 BCE.

What started the Crusades?
After fighting the Muslims for a long time, Byzantium asked the western church for help.

Were Christians really persecuted?
There are lots of stories of the horrible things that happened to the early church, but did they?

History vs Tradition
Too often tradition is treated as history. It is not. History can be verified.

Scripture Studies

Book of Revelation
Explore the history and symbolism in this last book of the Christian Scriptures.