Episode 12: The Reproductive Rights Episode

In this episode, Debb and Deb discuss women’s reproductive rights and the misuse of Christian doctrine to try to deny those rights. What do two women past child-bearing age have to say on the subject? Quite a lot. (Warning: Deb from the U.S. does drop an F-bomb in the episode if that sort of thing bothers you. Debb from Canada remained, as always, perfectly refined and classy.)

Episode 11: The OG Church Ladies Episode

In this episode, Debb and Deb discuss the leadership role of women in the early Christian Church. No matter how much some try to erase them from history, the archaeological remains don’t lie.

NOTE: As promised, here is the link to the infamous Episcopa Theodora mosaic. Sorry, dude. You can change the name all you want, but she still was a woman and she still was a bishop.

Further Reading: More Collyridian Déjà vu by Ally Kateusz, PhD.