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Proper 10

Proper 10? What a strange name for the Sunday.

The green weeks after Pentecost are called “Proper”. We will count them up to week 28 this year, before we get ready to start Advent and our new Christian Year with the first purple block at the top.

During the Proper weeks, we spend time getting to know Jesus better, understanding what he taught us to do, and remembering our responsibility as Christians.

Our Story this week

Jesus tells a parable

Planting seeds

Jesus was speaking to people who were often farmers and grew their own food in gardens. When he talked about planting and good soil, everyone would have understood.

Did you help plant a garden this spring? What did you do to make sure the soil would be good for growing plants?

Now imagine you are soil, but instead of plants God is sowing love. What do you have to do to be open to growing God’s love? Talk about it with your family.

Listening to Jesus

One of the phrases in this week’s story is “if you have ears, pay attention”. Jesus knew that everyone had ears, but not everyone was listening to his message.

Jesus’ message was about God’s love. What does it mean to love God?

Draw a picture, write a story, song or poem showing how you understand God’s love.

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.