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Proper 12

Proper 12? What a strange name for the Sunday.

The green weeks after Pentecost are called “Proper”. We will count them up to week 28 this year, before we get ready to start Advent and our new Christian Year with the first purple block at the top.

During the Proper weeks, we spend time getting to know Jesus better, understanding what he taught us to do, and remembering our responsibility as Christians.

Our Story this week

Good wheat and bad weeds

Find your treasure

Our scripture today gave examples of what God’s kingdom would be like, especially when we suddenly realized we could see it. Jesus said it would be like finding a buried treasure.

Take turns with the other children and teenagers in your social bubble, hiding a treasure. It can be in your house our outside. Once you find the treasurer, hide it for the next person.

Alternatively, have you ever heard of Geocaching? Ask the adults in your life if they know about it. If not, you can google it. Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt using a compass or a GPS. See if there are any geocaches close to you and take a trip to find them.

Making bread

Another example of what the kingdom of heaven would be like, is yeast added to flour that would make bread enough to feed a lot of people.

Ask the grown ups around you what their favourite recipe is to make bread, and then bake it together. As you watch the bread rise, imagine that is how God’s love grows.

Share your bread with those in your family’s bubble. God’s kingdom grows because we share our love and all the good things we have, including our food.

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.