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Proper 16

Proper 16? What a strange name for the Sunday.

The green weeks after Pentecost are called “Proper”. We will count them up to week 28 this year, before we get ready to start Advent and our new Christian Year with the first purple block at the top.

During the Proper weeks, we spend time getting to know Jesus better, understanding what he taught us to do, and remembering our responsibility as Christians.

Our Story this week

Who do you say I am?

Who do you say Jesus is?

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus asked his closest friends who they thought he was. Peter answered that Jesus was the Messiah. That is a Hebrew word that means “Anointed One”. In Greek the word we use is “Christ”. (Christ isn’t Jesus last name, it is Jesus’ title.)

Anointed One means the chosen one, the one God sent to bring about a new way of living on earth. How many other names did Jesus have in the Bible? Can you remember any of them? The picture on the left has a few of the names that people used for Jesus.

Jesus also said he was building the church on Peter’s words. The church means all the people, not the buildings we are used to seeing. The church was built on the understanding that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus is the chosen one. What lessons of Jesus do you think kids can teach each other? How do we help others recognize that Jesus as the Messiah, that Jesus is love?

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.