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Fourth Sunday in Easter

In our liturgical year we are on the fourth Sunday in Easter – the white block. Easter is not just one day, it is a whole season with seven Sundays.

Our Story this week

The first Christians gather together


The first Christians shared everything they had. If they were rich, they shared their money with the poor. If they had a lot to eat, they shared their food with people who didn’t have as much. All of the money and food and clothing were managed by early church leaders known as deacons.

Today’s world teaches that we should keep everything we have so we can feel richer. That is the opposite of how the early Christians lived.

What can you share? Remember this is not about giving someone else the clothing you no longer like or wear, or giving them food you don’t want to eat, this is about sharing the things you like with others.

Make a list of things you can share with your siblings. Is there something you have that you know they would enjoy more? Are you comfortable giving them that item, or loaning it for a while? If you receive something from your siblings, will you take good care of it?

Talk about these questions with your family and come up with new questions. How can you be more like the first Christians?

Make a craft

The first Christians did not worship in church buildings like we have today, then worshiped in peoples’ homes and work places.

This week you are going to build houses that would be good places for people to gather together.

You can make houses out of paper, cardboard, building blocks, milk cartons, or whatever your imagine finds.

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.