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Fifth Sunday in Easter

In our liturgical year we are on the fifth Sunday in Easter – the white block. Easter is not just one day, it is a whole season with seven Sundays.

Our Story this week

The first Christians gather together


In today’s lesson we heard that Jesus is “The Way”. But what does that mean?

Think about the way Jesus taught us to live: helping each other, making sure people had enough to eat, a safe place to sleep, and so many other things that so many of us take for granted. This is “the way” of Jesus.

Year ago many smart people around the world used Jesus’ teaching on how to love each other, and wrote an international document called the “United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children”, and that document is exactly the kind of love Jesus was talking about.

With the adults in your home, read some of the Conventions and talk about how they apply to all children and what might be some problems that get in the way. (

Build a path

Have you ever noticed that Christians talk a lot about being on a ‘journey’? That’s because as we live life we learn more about God. Our faith never stops growing and changing and heading in different directions

Make a road or path using your toys. What kinds of things might you see on the road? What kinds of questions might you have when you stop to think for a bit?

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.