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Sixth Sunday in Easter

In our liturgical year we are on the sixth Sunday in Easter – the white block. Easter is not just one day, it is a whole season with seven Sundays.

Our Story this week

Jesus promises that we will never be alone


Today we learn that Jesus is leaving the apostles, but promised to send someone else to be with his followers until the end of time.

It’s hard to picture the Holy Spirit. We picture God the Creator as a parent, either a mother or father, maybe even a grandmother or grandfather. We picture Jesus as a man, probably with long hair a full beard and very dark skin. But how do we picture the Holy Spirit?

One of the ways we understand the Holy Spirit is as a friend, maybe even a best friend, who is with us whenever we need someone to talk with. We can’t see the Holy Spirit with our eyes, but we can feel the Holy Spirit with our hearts.

Imagine the Holy Spirit as your best friend. What would you draw? What would make them your best friend? What are some of the things you value in a friend? Kindness? Willing to listen? Go on imagination adventures?

Draw your version of the Holy Spirit. There is no right or wrong because no one has ever seen the Holy Spirit with their eyes.

Get ready for the Pentecost Party

This week we hear how Jesus promises the Holy Spirit will come to be the the disciples. In two weeks time (May 31st), we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. That’s the day the Holy Spirit arrives.

It’s the birthday of the new Christian church, so start planning a party at your house. We celebrate Pentecost with the colour red, and use a lot of images of fire because the first Christians felt like a fire was turning through them when the Spirit came.

Decide what you are going to wear. What do you have in red, orange or yellow? What decorations will you make? Will you make a cake for the church’s birthday?

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.