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Seventh Sunday in Easter: Ascension Sunday

In our liturgical year we are on the seventh Sunday in Easter – the white block. Easter is not just one day, it is a whole season with seven Sundays.

This Sunday we recognize the ascension of Jesus. Ascension means going up. In this case we mean Jesus returning to God and leaving his human form.

Our Story this week

Jesus leaves to return to God

Activity: Colour an Ascension icon

Many artists have tried to picture the Ascension and show it through video, cartoons and paintings. The oldest artwork known to Christianity is called Iconography, and icon makers have also tried to picture what the Ascension might have looked like. There are have been many different icon makers throughout history, so there are many different ideas about Ascension.

In the icon you are colouring today you will see that everyone has a circle around their heads. For icon makers, that circle is a halo and everyone the icon maker thought was especially blessed by God has one. In other icons only a few people have halos. Jesus, Mary and Joseph always have halos.

After you colour your icons, go searching on Google for other icons. There are a lot of images to see. Icons are a big part of worship for those who live in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Russia, and other countries to the east of Jerusalem.

Get ready for the Pentecost Party

Next Sunday (May 31st), we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. That’s the day the Holy Spirit arrives.

It’s the birthday of the new Christian church, so start planning a party at your house. We celebrate Pentecost with the colour red, and use a lot of images of fire because the first Christians felt like a fire was burning through them when the Spirit came.

Decide what you are going to wear. What do you have in red, orange or yellow? What decorations will you make? Will you make a cake for the church’s birthday?

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.