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Pentecost Sunday

This is Pentecost Sunday (red week). The word Pentecost is Greek and means “fifty days”. This is 50 days after Jesus died. Pentecost (Shavout in Hebrew) was one of three harvest festivals where people were expected to come to Jerusalem to worship at the temple. It was the day they celebrated Moses bringing the Ten Commandments.

Our Story this week

God sends the Holy Spirit

Learn to say ‘Holy Spirit’ in different languages

One of the most exciting parts of Pentecost was that people heard the good news of Jesus in their own language.

Although the languages mentioned in the story today list only those countries around Israel, Christianity has spread to every country in the world and most have their own word for the Holy Spirit. See how many you can figure out, and then check Google for pronunciation help.

Tongue of Fire headband craft

Cut a 2cm thick band of paper and measure it around your head for a crown. You might need to staple or tape more than one band together.

Draw flames on coloured or white paper (colour the paper different colours for fire). Cut them out and place them at the front of your crown. Staple or tape your flame to the band of your crown.

Now you also can feel like fire is leaping out of your head with the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.