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Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday is the first week in Proper Time (that’s the long stretch of green). On Trinity Sunday we remember that God is one God with three ways for us to experience God. We experience God as a parent, loving and caring for us and correcting us when we make mistakes. We experience God as Jesus, a brother who shows us how we are supposed to live. And we experience God as the Holy Spirit, something we can feel that helps us make better decisions and treat people the way God has asked us to treat them.

Our Story this week

The disciples get new instructions from Jesus

How do we “make disciples of all people?”

This ides of ‘making disciples’ is confusing. We cannot force people to change their minds or think like we do (although some people still try to use force). So how do we show people what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the hopes that they will follow Jesus too?

The best way to ‘make disciples’ is to live the way Jesus lived. Jesus was kind to people who were hurting or upset. Jesus made people feel better when they were sad. Jesus challenged people who thought they knew what God wanted when that was really what they wanted instead of God. Jesus got angry when people in power tried to hurt people who were vulnerable. Jesus cried when his friends hurt. And most important, Jesus loved those around him and taught us how to love.

Make a list of all the ways you can behave like Jesus. Some of these things can be done in your family and online, like being kind, helping, and telling someone when you think they are wrong and should look at their opinions another way. Some of these things will need to wait until you can go into the community again. Once you have made the list, see how many you can do to help make disciples of other people. Remember, they might not agree with you right away, but you will be given them something to think about.

Make your own Trinity pyramid

The Trinity is a hard thing to understand. How can we have one God but have three parts to God? The greatest Christian thinking have worked on this for hundred of years, and we still get confused.

One way to understand how the Trinity all fits together is to see the different sides that make up the Trinity: God the parent, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and us.

Some times we need to be close to God like a child who wants to be close to their mother or father, taking our hurts away. Sometimes we want God to be a buddy or a brother like Jesus, looking out for us and teaching us new things. And sometimes God fills us so full of love that we feel we are about to burst and have to share that love with everyone around us. That is the Holy Spirit.

We also have different names for the three persons in the Trinity. When you make the Trinity pyramid craft, can you think of other names for God the parent, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?

Print off each triangle in different colours, or colour it yourself after printing it on white paper. Then carefully cut out the triangles and tape the sides together to look like a four sided pyramid.

Find the words

Search out the words in the story.