Lenten Study: The Letters of Paul

In week two of our study we look at the 1st Letter to the Thessalonians and the Letter to the Galatians. These are the earliest letters of Paul, c. 41-51 CE, and give us insight into the development of theology and issues of authority with the first Christians.

Join this five week study with video & written supplement, as we look at the history and cultural make-up of some of the earliest Christian communities outside of Jerusalem, and explore early theology through the Letters of Paul.

Teen Time: God in the midst of a non-binary world (November 7th)

Not every passage in the Bible is hiding a secret message.

Quick test: If the words of the Bible lead to people being excluded, it’s best to take a really good look at the meaning behind the verses with someone who knows what was happening at the time. If the words are inclusive, then we are pretty close to reading Jesus’ teaching straight-up. God is always, always the God of everyone, believers or not.

Who were the Galatians? The were a group of Greek speakers on the west end of modern Turkey, in today’s city of Ankara. They were believed to have emigrated from Gaul (modern France) around the 3rd century BCE. Paul started the church in their community within a decade or two of Jesus’ death and resurrection.