Q&A for Teens

A place for teens to learn about Christianity.

Talking about faith
God hates? Nope
Good & Evil
Who or what is ‘Satan’?
The cross
Getting angry
Turn the other cheek
Spiritual AND Religious
Political show of Jesus on Palm Sunday
What is Resurrection?
What is sin?
Why does the Bible contradict itself?
What is heaven?
Is the Bible true?
Love, joy, narcissism and the church
If God is good, why do bad things happen?
Active Faith
The Trinity
Passive Faith
Why is the church a “holy place”?
Separating the institutional church from the faith
The narcissism of “have you been saved”
Why are there four gospels?
Eucharist/Communion: the great divider of the church
Not following the crowd
Sex, ‘values’, and teenagers
Jesus and modern healthcare
Action of forgiveness
God, service to others, and power dynamics
The importance of knowing the Bible
Relationships that God puts together
Money and Christianity
Why is Christianity so confusing?
When Genesis and Evolution meet up
Christianity & Halloween, what’s the deal?
God in the midst of a non-binary world
God forgives me, so why do I have consequences?
Waiting for Advent
St. Nicholas was Christian
What does ‘repent’ mean?
Mary gave her consent