Teen Time: Evangelism – Come and see (January 17th)

2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Epiphany is the season after Christmas (the first set of green blocks), and separates the Advent/Christmas season from Lent/Easter. In Epiphany we learn about the beginnings of Jesus ministry and the calling of the disciples.

This week we are looking at Evangelism, a fancy word that means telling about our faith and inviting others to see what they think.

Talking about our faith or admitting we attend church can be really scary, especially when social media is always talking about groups that call themselves Christian but do not live by Jesus’ teachings. When our friends don’t know any better, they may think us calling ourselves Christian means we hate people too. So we stay silent.

The problem with that is if you stay silent, then those around you who don’t know anything about the church and the Gospels won’t learn that following Jesus means something different. It means acceptance and being part of a community that cares about you and could care about them.

How do we talk about our faith? It doesn’t have to be a speech or a lecture, it can just be as simple as “I would really like you to come to my church this week, do you think you could make it?” or “I know you have been pretty upset lately, but there’s this thing I do that makes me feel better and it might make you feel better too.”

Eventually when you have people around you who want to talk about their faith, you can come up with some answers that make sense to you. And then you will have better questions to help you deepen your faith.

In our story today Philip told Nathaniel to “Come and see”. That’s all you have to do.

Just for fun

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