Kids Korner: Fishers of People (January 24th)

3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Epiphany is the season after Christmas (the first set of green blocks), and separates the Advent/Christmas season from Lent/Easter. In Epiphany we learn about the beginnings of Jesus ministry and the calling of the disciples.

Our Story


Jesus was already teaching in different places in Galilee when he met Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John working on their boats.

Others followed when Jesus asked them to follow him. Some of those we know were Judas, Matthew, Thomas, Nathaniel, Philip, Simon, Thaddaeus and Bartholomew. But not all of Jesus’ followers were men. Women also followed Jesus and in Mark 15-16 we read about Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Solome.

Make a craft from a paper egg carton. The more spaces for eggs means the more people you can add. Use Google to search for other followers of Jesus in the Gospels.

Save your egg carton followers and in the spring you can turn it upside down and plant seeds in it for a garden.


In church we use the fancy word “calling” to talk about someone who has a special gift to do a job like minister or financial person or teacher. All of us have some kind of calling to do good things in the world and to teach others about Jesus Christ.

Make a list of all the jobs you can think of that teach people about the love of God for all people.

Some of these jobs are the ones mentioned above like minister, teacher, or financial person. Other ideas might be doctors, nurses, farmers, writers and singers. What other jobs show God’s love for the world?

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