Teen Time: Does God hate? (January 24th)

3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Epiphany is the season after Christmas (the first set of green blocks), and separates the Advent/Christmas season from Lent/Easter. In Epiphany we learn about the beginnings of Jesus ministry and the calling of the disciples.

Does God hate anyone? No. God is love.

There is a vocal minority in our society that wants everyone to believe that God hates the people they don’t like. All you have to do is Google “God hates”, and you will find many pictures of people waving signs that list people that are marginalized. Those holding the signs don’t understand or welcome people who are different, but instead of admitting it is their own opinion, they say God hates those people too.

It’s simply not true.

How do we talk about God’s love when the media seems to give hate groups all the attention?

How do we explain to people that God does not hate queer folk or Muslims or the disabled?

If you told someone you were a Christian, and they told you that meant you hated people for no reason, how would you respond?

Just for fun

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