Teen Time: Good & Evil (January 31st)

4th Sunday After Epiphany

Epiphany is the season after Christmas (the first set of green blocks), and separates the Advent/Christmas season from Lent/Easter. In Epiphany we learn about the beginnings of Jesus ministry and the calling of the disciples.

Good & Evil can both be found inside all of us. Neither is an outside force. We choose which we will act out in any moment.

The only place today that seems to talk about good and evil is Sci Fi and Fantasy. The heroes always win in the end and they are good. The bad guys lose and they are evil. It’s very simple.

The problem is it is never that simple in real life. Every moment of every day we have to choose which we want to be. The more bad choices we make, the more we see bad things everywhere and the easier it gets to keep making those types of decisions. The more good choices we make, the more we see good everywhere. If we have a negative attitude, we see more bad. If we have a positive attitude we see more good. But both are in us all the time.

Have you ever heard the metaphor of a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world creates a hurricane in another part of the world? Or have you ever watched a pebble drop into water and the ripples move outward getting bigger as they go? Every choice we make is like that butterfly or like that ripple. It never only effects us, and part of being mature is accepting our actions. It’s hard sometimes – all good things are – but it is worth it in the end.

So you choose. Good or evil…. both are inside, but only one will make you feel better.

Just for fun

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