Kids Korner: Take up your cross? (February 28th)

2nd Sunday in Lent

Lent is the long purple section. It is 40 days + 6 Sundays before Easter. It is a time to think about our choices and how we want to do better. It is also a time of prayer and giving.

How to Lent with Kids

Our Story


“Take up your cross” sounds strange. What does it mean?

This is a metaphor, a word picture that means something different than what it seems. The metaphor here is “do the hard things that you know are right”.

Everywhere we look in our world there are messages of do what is easy, don’t do the hard things. But Jesus said the hard things are exactly what we should do.

“Take up your cross” also means pick one world problem (there are lots to choose from, so only pick one) that you want to help solve. What would be your one problem to help solve? Would it be the environment? Safe water? Feeding children? End bullying? Or something else? It is okay if your one thing changes as you get older. That happens for lots of people.

Figure out what world problem you want to solve and then talk about it with your family. Look online to see who is already working on this problem. Learn more and try to figure out how you can help too.


Jesus told Peter “Get behind me, Satan”. Last week we learned what the word ‘satan’ means in Hebrew, so we know Jesus was not telling Peter he was a big monster.

Jesus continued to tell Peter “you are trying to make me think about human things rather than the things God wants me to focus on”.

All Peter did was tell Jesus to say no, Jesus shouldn’t have to die. Peter was upset that he was going to lose his friend. And Jesus was upset that Peter was trying to distract him from the hard things Jesus had to face. Peter did not know how to tell Jesus he was sad and scared for Jesus.

How do you think a conversation between Peter and Jesus should go so they both understand each other? Act it out with your dolls or action figures, and talk about it with your family.

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