Kids Korner: God loves us so much (March 14th)

4th Sunday in Lent

Lent is the long purple section. It is 40 days + 6 Sundays before Easter. It is a time to think about our choices and how we want to do better. It is also a time of prayer and giving.

How to Lent with Kids

Our Story


In today’s story Jesus talks about how much God loves us. How do we show love? Think of every member of your family and every friend you have. How do you show love to all of those people? Talk about it with your family.


Did you notice the pink block on the Liturgical Clock above? The pink Sundays are when we stop for a bit and think about Mary. In Lent we think about Mary supporting Jesus in his ministry, travelling with him, maybe even teaching some of the new followers about Jesus and God’s love.

Using your dolls or action figures, act out Mary following Jesus with the crowds. What do you think she might say to her son? What kinds of things do Moms say to their kids when they are proud of them?

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