Kids Korner: Hosanna! (March 28th)

6th Sunday in LentPalm Sunday

Lent is the long purple section. It is 40 days + 6 Sundays before Easter. It is a time to think about our choices and how we want to do better. It is also a time of prayer and giving.

How to Lent with Kids

Our Story


Read Mark 11:1-11 together. Imagine you are in the story. Make up a character. Are you young? old? with the girls? with the boys? rich? poor? How do you think you would dress? What do you think it would be like seeing Jesus coming on the donkey? Would you wave branches or put your coat on the ground for the donkey to walk on?

Imagine this with your family and share your ideas.


Make your own palm leaf. Use either green paper or colour it green afterwards. Draw an oval and cut it out, then cut slits just like the diagram below.

Wave it high and march around your home, pretending you are part of the crowd that is accompanying Jesus into Jerusalem.

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