Kids Korner: We have to share the story of Jesus (April 18th)

3rd Sunday in Easter

Easter is not one day, it is an entire seven week season. During Easter we hear the stories of how Jesus appeared to his friends after his Resurrection. The last week in Easter is when we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into heaven.

Our Story


Read Luke 24:36-48 together. I think it is funny that in the middle of everyone being confused about how Jesus can be alive, he asks for food then sat down and ate. Sometimes we take the Bible too seriously and don’t laugh at the funny parts. It is definitely okay to laugh when something in the Bible sounds funny.

Do you like fish? Bake or broil fish with your family for dinner and talk about what everyone must have thought when Jesus suddenly appeared. Were they scared? Overjoyed? Confused? What do you think?

If you don’t like fish or don’t have fish, you can make another meal. Jesus was just asking for what they had available. You can have your own choice of food.


The big message in today’s story is that the disciples were supposed to leave their hidden room and go into the world to tell everyone about Jesus. That message is for us too.

How do we tell people about Jesus? Do you think the message about Jesus would sound different depending on who you were talking to? What would you tell your grandparents? What would you tell your friends? What would you tell your teacher? What would you tell a stranger?

Talk about how to tell Jesus’ message. Draw pictures or write your message. Who would be the easiest to tell? Who would be the hardest?

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