Kids Korner: Jesus is the vine, we are the branches (May 2nd)

5th Sunday in Easter

Easter is not one day, it is an entire seven week season. During Easter we hear the stories of how Jesus appeared to his friends after his Resurrection. The last week in Easter is when we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into heaven.

Our Story


Read John 15:1-8 together. Jesus talked about being the vine and we are the branches. In ancient Israel, they used the metaphor and image of a vine with branches to talk about their relationship with God, so that language would have been very familiar to those around Jesus.

Jesus was trying to remind them that they can only do God’s work if they stay with God’s teachings and share God’s love. Doing things your own way without God being part of it doesn’t work well, and it doesn’t last. But when we do things that Jesus asked us to do, and we KNOW Jesus is showing us love the whole time, it is easier to do those things.

Talk about this with your family. Come up with examples about what it means to be the ‘vine’ and what it means to be the ‘branches’. What would ‘produce fruit’ mean in your community and family?


Make a vine. Find green paper or draw on white paper and colour.

Vines grow and spread around things. Look up pictures on the internet of vines in a vineyard and vines on a stone wall.

To make your vine, cut strips of paper and tape then together end to end, then cut out branches and leaves and tape them to the vine at various places. You can then tape your fine and branches to the wall. If you want to go that extra bit, you can cut out grapes in different colours (green, purple, pink, or blue) and put them on the branches.

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