Teen Time: Is the Bible true? (May 2nd)

5th Sunday in Easter

Easter is not one day, it is an entire seven week season. During Easter we hear the stories of how Jesus appeared to his friends after his Resurrection. The last week in Easter is when we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into heaven.

If you want absolutes, I’m afraid no Bible, no holy book, no religion, no philosophy, no tradition, no ideology can ever give that to you.

When we read the Bible there are a lot of things we have to think about:

  • What language was it written in originally?
  • Were the people free or under outside government authority at the time?
  • Were they in their own country or exiled?
  • Were they trying to answer questions or maintian their culture?
  • Where was the writer living and working?
  • What is the overall message of the book?
  • When were they writing?

It is not so simple understanding the Bible, after all.

Just for fun

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