Kids Korner: Love one another (May 9th)

6th Sunday in Easter

Easter is not one day, it is an entire seven week season. During Easter we hear the stories of how Jesus appeared to his friends after his Resurrection. The last week in Easter is when we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into heaven.

Our Story


Read John 15:9-17 together. Jesus talked about loving each other and how much joy that can bring. Sometimes we forget that our faith in Jesus is supposed to be happy and a celebration. What kinds of happy things can you do to show Jesus’ love for others?

One of the best ways to show love is to do things for someone else or to give them little things to make them feel good. Little things like a wild flower or drawing a picture or writing a poem or story.

Think of something you can do to make someone else smile. Do it this week and give it to them or tell them about it.


Today is Mother’s Day. Often in the church we talk about God being a ‘Father’, but the Bible also uses metaphors of God as Mother in a lot of places. Some of these are:

  • Hosea 11:3-4 (God as a mother)
  • Hosea 13:8 (God as a mother bear)
  • Deuteronomy 32:11-12 (God as a mother eagle)
  • Deuteronomy 32:18 (God giving birth)
  • Isaiah 66:13 (God as a mother comforting her child)
  • Luke 13:34 (God as a mother hen)
  • Luke 15:8-10 (God as a woman looking for lost coins)

Write or draw a prayer that starts “Mother God…”

Does this prayer feel different than when you pray to “Father God”? Why? Talk about it with your family.

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