Kids Korner: Trinity Sunday (May 30th)

Trinity Sunday

The long green season is called ‘Proper’ or ‘Even time’, or sometimes the “Weeks after Pentecost”. This is how we spend half our year. During Even Time we listen to the stories of Jesus that are not part of Christmas and Easter: Parables, Jesus’ healing folks, Jesus’ teaching about God’s world and Jesus showing us how to treat each other.

Our Story


Read John 3:1-17 together. Nicodemus was a very important man in the temple of Jerusalem. He would have studied the Hebrew scriptures for years and he would be used to people asking him about God and how to live. However, Nicodemus knew there was something different in what Jesus was saying and even though he came at night so no one would see him, he still wanted to understand. Jesus told him understanding with his mind would not help, he had to understand with his heart. Nicodemus had to understand God’s love.

Love is easy to feel but the minute we start thinking about it, it becomes difficult to explain in words. Love is easier to explain in art. Draw pictures of what love looks like, especially pictures about what God’s love looks like.


This is Trinity Sunday where we talk about having a relationship with God as our parent, God as Jesus and God as Holy Spirit. One God and three ways of relating to God.

There are many names of God. How many can you think of? Write them down and then look at the pictures on Teen Time this week, search through the Bible or go on Google to come up with more. Remember to look up names for Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well. Do you like some names more than others? Do some sound strange or confusing? Talk to your adults to help you understand what the worlds mean.

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