Teen Time: Christianity in action (June 6th)

The long green season is called ‘Proper’ or ‘Even time’, or sometimes the “Weeks after Pentecost”. This is how we spend half our year. During Even Time we listen to the stories of Jesus that are not part of Christmas and Easter: Parables, Jesus’ healing folks, Jesus’ teaching about God’s world and Jesus showing us how to treat each other.

Sitting and listening are important but can get boring really quickly. To feel our faith we have to live it, to do things, to be active in the world.

Take some time to think, pray and meditate on what kinds of problems you want to help solve. If you look you will find Bible passages showing how people before you were concerned about those issues too. Christianity grew because people outside the faith saw Christians doing thing to make life better for their communities, and those outsiders wanted to be part of something that cared for others.

Just for fun

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