Kids Korner: God’s world grows (June 13th)

Proper 6

The long green season is called ‘Proper’ or ‘Even time’, or sometimes the “Weeks after Pentecost”. This is how we spend half our year. During Even Time we listen to the stories of Jesus that are not part of Christmas and Easter: Parables, Jesus’ healing folks, Jesus’ teaching about God’s world and Jesus showing us how to treat each other.

Our Story


Read Mark 4:26-34 together. We often talk about how we are responsible to help God’s community grow through our words and actions. This story shows us that God’s community grows even when we aren’t doing anything to help. We are still expected to help teach about God’s love, but how does God’s love spread when we aren’t even thinking about doing it?

A big word for this is “passive”. Passive is the opposite of active, and means things are happening even when people don’t try to make them happen.

With your family talk about active and passive faith. Make a chart or draw pictures to show how you are both active and passive in your faith.


Did you plant the seeds you started growing inside weeks ago? What was it like to watch your plants grow? Jesus talked about the kingdom or community of God growing like plants. Look at the plants around you, even if you didn’t plant them yourself. Do you see them grow?

Spend some time outside watching the trees, flowers, and plants in the garden. Sometimes we just have to sit outside and appreciate God’s world.

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