Kids Korner: Having faith (June 20th)

Proper 7

The long green season is called ‘Proper’ or ‘Even time’, or sometimes the “Weeks after Pentecost”. This is how we spend half our year. During Even Time we listen to the stories of Jesus that are not part of Christmas and Easter: Parables, Jesus’ healing folks, Jesus’ teaching about God’s world and Jesus showing us how to treat each other.

Our Story


Read Mark 4:26-34 together. In the last part of the story, Jesus asks the disciples if they have faith. They can’t answer because they are surprised and a little scared of what Jesus can do.

What do you think faith is? How do you show faith in Jesus? What happens when you ask Jesus for something but it doesn’t happen? Does that mean you lose faith? Is faith only there if you get what you want?

Talk about this with your family. See what everyone thinks about faith and how God works in our world.


Have you ever heard about the World Council of Churches? It is an international gathering of all the Christian churches in the world, and their headquarters are in Le Grand-Saconnex, which is part of Geneva, Switzerland. Their website is:

When the World Council of Churches was formed in 1948, they decided this story of Jesus calming the sea and asking the disciples if they had faith, was the perfect image for what they hoped to accomplish. It reminds them to have faith in God even when it seemed like the problems of the world were bigger than anyone could handle.

Check out the World Council of Churches and see what they are doing around the world. “Oikoumene” is Greek and means the church, the community of believers.

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