Kids Korner: Jesus heals two daughter of Israel (June 27th)

Proper 8

The long green season is called ‘Proper’ or ‘Even time’, or sometimes the “Weeks after Pentecost”. This is how we spend half our year. During Even Time we listen to the stories of Jesus that are not part of Christmas and Easter: Parables, Jesus’ healing folks, Jesus’ teaching about God’s world and Jesus showing us how to treat each other.

Our Story


Read Mark 5:21-43 together. When Jesus was alive, there were doctors and faith healers. Doctors cost money and only those who had extra money could afford them. Medicine at the time was different than it is today. When Jesus was alive, people believed that illness meant you were out of harmony with nature, or that some bad things like demons or dirty air invaded your body.

Many people could not afford doctors so they had to rely on faith healers who used spells and touch to heal people. Both the older woman in today’s lesson and Jairus, believed Jesus was a faith healer who could make people better. They were right.

Act out the story of Jairus and his daughter, and the woman who was suffering from blood loss. Notice how Jesus spent time with both the woman and Jairus’ daughter, making sure they were okay after they were healed.


Jesus often tells people their faith made them strong or their faith made them well. One of the things people often have a hard time understanding is that just because Jesus heals a person, that does not mean they are cured of their illness. Healing and curing are two different things. They might be cured of their illness, but if they are not, God still loves them just as much. God does not play favourites.

What do you think the difference is between healing and curing? Talk about it with your family or adults you trust. After the conversations, pray together for healing of hurts and other things that are upsetting people.

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