Kids Korner: God brings people to faith (August 8th)

Our Story

About our story

Read John 6:36-50 with your family. The people listening to Jesus had a hard time understanding what Jesus was trying to teach them. They looked at each other and said something like “we know his mom and dad, so why is he saying he came down from heaven and knows God personally?”

Sometimes it’s really hard for adults to hear the message of the story instead of the asking questions that are about their own self interests. Jesus understood that and kept trying to help them understand that his message was bigger than the daily needs of the people who wanted Jesus to feed them more bread and fish.

In the middle of this whole conversation, Jesus said something really important: That God brings people to faith. We can’t do that ourselves. We can’t get our parents to believe or friends to believe, only God can do that. What we CAN do however, is talk about God caring for everyone, just like Jesus did. Then maybe if our friends and family want to hear more, they will be open to the lessons of Jesus wanting to make sure all people were part of God’s world, where there would always be enough to eat for everyone.

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