Kids Korner: His closest disciples knew Jesus taught the truth (August 22nd)

Read John 6:56-69 with your family. We have read all the way from the 1st to the 69th verse of this chapter over the last five weeks, and some things keep being said over and over:
1. Jesus saying we have to consume his body to have eternal life (this is a metaphor for bringing him into our hearts and minds).
2. Jesus and the crowd talking about manna from God during the times of Moses and acting like that was the ‘good old days’.

The metaphor of eating Jesus’ body and drinking his blood is weird and hard to understand today, just like it was hard to understand when Jesus talked about eternal life back when he was alive. People had to learn to think differently and that can be hard.

However, the talk about manna as if that had been a perfect time is a bigger problem. Often adults think back to the past as being almost perfect and better than things are today. The word we use for that is ‘nostalgia’. The adults around Jesus forgot that the people following Moses were cranky and complained all the time, they wanted something other than manna, and it didn’t take long before they were worshipping a statue of a golden cow instead of God, and Moses was so upset he threw the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments on the ground and smashed them.

The new followers of Jesus showed they wanted nostalgia, not the words of Jesus. They wanted the ‘good old days’ rather than just having faith and trust in God. The followers who had been with Jesus for longer knew the difference and knew there was no better way to live than believing in Jesus and trusting what he had to say.

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