Kids Korner: Pilate questions Jesus (November 21st)

Read John 18:33-37 with your family. This week is a little bit different from normal because we aren’t organizing worship around the Bible story, but are picking a Bible story with the word “King” in it to talk about the Reign of Christ Sunday, which is always the last Sunday in the Christian year.

Pilate asks Jesus what he did that has made everyone angry, and Jesus says he was just doing what he was supposed to do by sharing the truth. Finally Pilate asks Jesus if he really is a King… because Pilate know the Roman government will be angry with anyone who tells the world he is the new King. Jesus doesn’t answer, he just tells Pilate that those are Pilate’s words, not the words of Jesus.

Sometimes old words make it confusing to understand what Jesus wants to teach us, so how about we change the word “kingdom” for Community, and “king” for Friend. Now what does that tell us about the world Jesus wants us to live in?

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