Kids Korner: Jesus as a child (December 26th)

Read Luke 2:41-52 with your family. This is the only story we have of Jesus as a child, and that was when he was around 12 or 13. Mary and Joseph were in Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, and probably wanted to show Jesus the temple for the first time.

Hebrew culture in first century Palestine didn’t celebrate birthdays like we do today, but they did celebrate when a child turned from 12/13 to 13/14. That was when they considered children becoming adults and started taking on adult responsibilities like training for their eventual careers or running a household. Jesus most likely trained to be a carpenter because that was what his father did, and the oldest son usually grew up to work at the same job as their father.

In those days people travelled in groups to be safer on their journey. Since Jesus was grown enough to be considered a man, he was able to travel with his father and the rest of the men in their travelling group. However, since he was still so young, travelling with his mother made sense too. Since each parent thought Jesus was with the other, they didn’t notice that he stayed behind in Jerusalem.The story ended well. Both his parents risked the travel back to Jerusalem alone and found him safe and talking with the elders at the temple.

This one story of Jesus’ childhood reminds us that even though Jesus was a person just like the rest of us, Jesus was always very special and had a deeper understanding of God. People wanted to hear what Jesus had to say.

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