Kids Korner: Fishers of People (February 6th)

Read Luke 5:1-11 with your family.

In Galilee everyone knew how important fish was. There were villages named after the act of fishing (one of the Greek names for the place the Bible calls Magdala was “town where they process fish”). However, people didn’t just go to fish and feed their families, selling some along the side and have control of their work. The Roman government through King Herod, controlled the water and the fishing industry, and everyone had to get special licenses to fish. Whole families would be fisherfolk because these licenses were often handed down from parent to child.

And if that wasn’t hard enough, all of the fishing happened at night when fisherfolk hard a had time seeing if the moon wasn’t high and bright. Most of them didn’t know how to swim, so it was a very dangerous job.

Simon Peter, James and John were brave men who went out to fish every night to feed their families and earn some money for other goods, even though they had to give most of what they caught to King Herod’s officers. They knew how to work hard. They also knew they were not perfect people and they didn’t have much education. Simon told Jesus he wasn’t worthy to be Jesus’ follower, but Jesus ignored his claim.

Jesus recognized people who would be good sharing the message of God’s new world of acceptance for all people. The people Jesus picked came from all sorts of jobs and parts of the country. What they had in common was their faith in Jesus and their ability to talk to people like them and show them the hope that Jesus brought to all people.

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