Kids Korner: Moses, Jesus & Elijah (February 27th)

Read Luke 9:28-43 with your family.

Why was Jesus meeting with Moses and Elijah? They were from different parts of the Hebrew Scriptures and lived a long time before Jesus did.

Moses and Elijah were very important people in the Hebrew tradition of Jesus’ day, and still remain very important to the Jewish people of today. Moses represented all the laws that the Hebrews were asked to follow, with his most famous laws being the Ten Commandments.

Elijah was a prophet and told the king and queen to stop worshiping foreign Gods (#1 on the Ten Commandments list). They refused and the queen tried everything to have Elijah killed. He hid in the mountains for a while with food being brought to him every morning and evening by ravens.

Moses died at a very old age after bringing the Hebrew people to the land of Israel. Elijah never died, he was the only other person in the Bible, either Hebrew or Christian scriptures, to ascend to heaven. Elijah ascended in a fiery chariot. This is the reason a lot of people thought Jesus might be the second coming of Elijah, coming back to earth to finish his work.

When the closest friends of Jesus saw these three men, they wanted to stop everything else and worship them, but God said no… as important as the laws were to the people (represented by Moses), and as important as the teaching by the prophets to stop worship other gods (represented by Elijah), God wanted people to follow the social change that Jesus was bringing. Moses and Elijah were just as important, God simply wanted the focus to shift to social justice.

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