Kids Korner: Mary of Bethany (April 3rd)

Read John 12:108 with your family.

Have you ever heard on the news or around town, people saying we shouldn’t help people we don’t know, those in other countries for example, we should help those here at home? And did you realize these complainers really didn’t want to help the people at home either, they just wanted a distraction.

Judas gives us that distraction in this lesson. He wasn’t really interested in helping the poor.

Mary and Jesus were very close friends, and she knew what Jesus was facing when he went into Jerusalem. She knew he would probably die. So together they shared a moment of friendship, a moment of relaxation where she made his tired feet feel and smell better. She wants Jesus to know he mattered.

Mary reminds us not to wait until after someone is gone to show them how important they are to us.

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