Kids Korner: Palm Sunday (April 10th)

Read Luke 19:28-40 with your family.

Sometimes we have to think about Jesus in opposites, and this story is a good place to start: Everyone was expecting Jesus to enter Jerusalem as a mighty king, Jesus really came as someone humble and did not claim earthy power. A king would enter the city on a horse, Jesus went into Jerusalem on a donkey. A king would have a huge group travelling with him including soldiers, people carrying banners, and maybe musicians, Jesus came into Jerusalem with only some friends and local people with children, carrying palm branches and singing while they danced on the street beside him.

There are a lot of people in the church who keep expecting Jesus to be a King, and have all the fanfare and pageantry around him that humans think is important for Christ the King: parades, banners, guards, people crowding the streets but never allowed to be close. Jesus shows us that he was the opposite of all of that. He wanted people close, especially children. Jesus did not want people treating him like he was a king.

As we follow Jesus we have to remember to always push aside the things our world values, like money and power, and do the things that Jesus values, like helping others and spending time together.

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