Kids Korner: Peter, feed my sheep (May 1st)

Read John 21:1-19 with your family.

The writers of the Gospels had many names for the followers of Jesus, not just the closest ones being called ‘disciples’, but all of Jesus’ followers. ‘Sheep’ was a word they used often because everyone in Galilee and Judah grew up seeing sheep and shepherds all over the countryside. It was familiar.

Sheep and shepherds had a very special relationship. Shepherds would fight wild animals and robbers, and stay with the sheep in all kinds of weather. The sheep followed their shepherd everywhere, knowing their shepherd’s special whistle and calls, and were confidence in the care and protection of that shepherd.

After resurrection, Jesus told his followers that he was leaving and his closest disciples were now responsible to take care of all the people who had started following Jesus.

Peter was one of those disciples. Even though he denied knowing Jesus three times when he was challenged before Jesus’ trial and execution, this story shows that Peter felt sorry and three times he promised that he really did love Jesus and was now brave enough to do what Jesus asked of him.

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