Kids Korner: My people know me (May 8th)

Read John 10:22-30 with your family.

This story took place while Jesus was celebrating Hanukkah (Festival of the Dedication) in Jerusalem. People were waiting for a Messiah, a saviour who would defeat the Romans, and they believed that saviour would be either a powerful king or a warrior who would rise up an army. The person in our story wanted to know if Jesus was that promised king or warrior.

But Jesus wasn’t either… although he was the Messiah, God in human form who lived amongst us and taught us new ways of living.

Jesus was not interested in bringing change through violence or power. Jesus taught us how to help each other through love and kindness. The people expected one thing, but Jesus showed them God had a different idea in mind.

Jesus told the man that his followers already understood Jesus’ message, even if everyone else was still waiting for the warrior or king. Jesus’ followers recognized what Jesus was doing and teaching, and they knew Jesus would always be with them. Other people could always become followers of Jesus, they just had to let go of their ideas about the king or warrior first, and then they would understand what Jesus was trying to do.

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