Kids Korner: Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit (June 12th)

Read John 16:12-19 with your family.

When Jesus left, he promised that the Holy Spirit would come to the people. Last week we celebrated the feast of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit filled the people with so much energy and excitement they felt like they had flames bursting out of their heads.

This week the scripture reading shows how Jesus explained a bit more about the Holy Spirit to his closest followers. The Holy Spirit would speak to their hearts and minds instead of their ears, and explain more about the world God wanted to create. Jesus told his friends that the Holy Spirit would give the same message that Jesus gave, and the same message God gave, because they were all the one God. They were not three different gods.

This is what Christians call The Trinity. It is how we understand that God created us like a parent, AND God came in human form as Jesus, AND came again in the form of the Holy Spirit. We have a relationship with one God who came to us in three different ways because God wants to be important to us.

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