Kids Korner: Jesus sends out 70 evangelists (July 3rd)

Read Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 with your family.

We tend to focus on the 12 disciples that Jesus sent out to spread the news of the Gospel, and forget that before Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, he had sent out 70 people in pairs, to tell others about God’s message.

Unlike the 12 named apostles, we hear exactly the instructions Jesus gave these 70 evangelists: accept all hospitality, don’t push yourself on people who don’t want you, don’t take extra stuff to ensure your comfort, don’t take money, remember that your message is my message… God’s message.

All 70 came back and celebrated the experience. The number 70 was special – in the first century they believed there was 70 nations in the world, so by sending 70 people, Jesus was signalling to his followers that God’s message was for everyone in every nation.

We can learn from these 70 how Jesus wants us to share the message of God’s love, and the first thing we have to do is assure people that we bring peace.

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