Kids Korner: Being the Samaritan (July 10th)

Read Luke 10:25-37 with your family.

This is a very familiar story, and very well loved. It is such an important story that it has shaped the imaginations of people around the world. There are Good Samaritan laws in many countries, protecting people who try to help the sick or hurting. There are social agencies and hospitals who use the name ‘Samaritan’. In fact so many people know the word ‘Samaritan’, that they forget this is a culture that still exists today, and is not liked by the historical Hebrew people.

So, when Jesus said the Samaritan was the one who acted with mercy, and the Priest and Levite did not, it shocked a lot of people. In Jesus day, everyone looked to the priests to know how God wanted them to behave, and the Levites were the traditional tribe of Israel (one of the 12 tribes) that most of the priests belonged to. Everyone would expect them to help no matter what. People didn’t think they would be too scared to help – but that was how Jesus told it.

The Samaritan, who was hated by everyone around Jerusalem, was brave enough to help. Be brave. Help where you can. That is what it means to be a Samaritan.

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