Kids Korner: Being foolish with riches (July 31st)

Read Luke 12:13-21 with your family.

At first glance the story of the rich farmer might seem smart, after all he is protecting his future and storing his crops for another time.

But listen to why Jesus might call this man a fool: in a community where people were expected to help the poor, this man was selfish and didn’t share his good fortune with others. Also, he kept talking in the first person… “I” did thing and “I did that. There was no acknowledgement that God helped him grow crops, or all the field workers who did the real work on the farm. All this man could think about was himself. He did not assume that death would come, he thought he would live to enjoy all of his food and wine.

Jesus wanted the people he was teaching to think really hard about things… our futures are never guaranteed, and that is why we much depend on each other and share what we have with those who have less. God values our care for each other, not how much wealth we have saved up.

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