Kids Korner: Stand tall and see God’s world (August 21st)

Read Luke 13:10-17 with your family.

Sometimes grown ups have been hurt by life so much that their body curls in on itself, their shoulders are rounded, the back is hunched and they hold themselves very tightly. As you can imagine, after a while walking like that, their bodies will be in a great deal of pain.

Jesus recognized the pain of the woman in our story and told her to stand tall. Jesus wanted her to let go of all the sad things that kept her hunched over. She trusted Jesus and for the first time in 18 years she stood tall and didn’t let the bad things control her.

When she did stand tall, Jesus was able to help her see how beautiful the world was, and how she should always stand tall.

The person in charge of the synagogue didn’t understand what had happened and thought it was another healing. When he complained, Jesus pointed out his hypocrisy and how in his keeping to strict rules, he was just as hunched over as the woman. He might have stood tall in body, but he still had a very narrow sight of what was important.

Jesus wants us all to stand tall and see the world around us. God’s world is good and beautiful, and the more we see and understand that, the more we can help others and take care of God’s creation.

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