Kids Korner: Growing our faith (October 2nd)

Read Luke 17:5-10 with your family.

Sometimes when we read the stories in the Bible some words jump out at us and that is all we focus on. The word “slave” is one of those. Most of us only know the slavery that happened in the USA 150 years ago, a slavery based in racism. That is not the type of slavery Jesus and his followers would have known. In order to take that big word out so we don’t get distracted, our video uses the word ‘servant’.

But Jesus was not really talking about people paid, but people unpaid who were expected to do what they were asked. The disciples Jesus called were not paid to spread the world of God, they were just told to do it.

In this story these disciples ask for more faith, as though it was a gift like food or water that Jesus could give. But that is not how faith works. Some of the people with the biggest faith in God think they have don’t have as much faith as they should. Some people who think their faith is huge really don’t have much faith in God at all.

Jesus tried to tell them even the smaller imaginable bit of faith was enough to make extraordinary things happen.

Faith is a choice. No one can give us more faith, not even God. We have to choose to have faith. And when we make that choice, it is always going to be enough.

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