Kids Korner: Giving Justice (October 16th)

Read Luke 18:1-8 with your family.

This is one of Jesus’ harder parables. Both the widow and the judge are not nice people. The Bible uses the word ‘justice’ but in the original language the widow wanted ‘vengeance’, meaning she wanted the other people punished. The judge was scared she would punch him in the face (that is the original meaning of the word translated as ‘bothering’). He doesn’t care about the widow or following God’s laws or anything else, he just finally gives her what she wants because she is annoying him, not because he is giving real justice.

Jesus said “listen to what the judge is saying”.

Through the years a lot of people have followed the author of Luke’s interpretation, that this story is about be constant in prayer. However, that is not what Jesus is saying.

We don’t have to badger God for justice, God already gives that, often before we know to ask for it.

So what else is going on?

Maybe instead of thinking either the widow of the judge is a good example, we should look at our own behaviour to see if we act like them. Do we only want what we want, regardless of whether it is the best choice for others? Do we just give in so we don’t have to be bothered anymore, whether that is the best choice for others? We have some hard questions to ask ourselves.

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