Kids Korner: Jesus makes a blind man see (Lent IV, March 19th)

Read John 9:1-41 with your family.

Sometimes, no matter how much we want to believe in miracles, it is very hard to do. That is what is happening in our story today. This is another long story from the Gospel of John. All of the stories in John teach about how much God loves the world. And these are lessons that usually confuse those in charge because they have a very narrow way of understanding God. They want to believe, but they seem more focused on rules than acts of helping. So when Jesus helps peopled, they automatically try to find what is wrong rather than being happy for the person being helped.

We do that too. So much of the time rather than believing that God is active in our lives, we look for reasons that good or bad things happen for others. We look at our own lives and wonder why those good things didn’t happen for us, and use that as proof that God really isn’t involved.

Instead we should look at miracles as not big things, but little things every day. Most people who talk about God working big things in their lives are people who had big problems to start. When our problems are smaller, it’s hard to see God doing miracles for us too. But small things happen every day:

  • People obey the road signs so it’s safe to cross the road
  • Rain helps the flowers grow and washes away dirt
  • Saying nice words makes people and animals happy

What are some other everyday miracles?

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