Kids Korner: Jesus is alive again (Easter Sunday, April 9th)

Read Matthew 28:1-10 with your family.

Easter Sunday is a wonderful day of celebration. All of the horrible things that happened to Jesus on Friday are behind us and we get to celebrate. The Hallelujahs come back because Jesus is alive. We can dance and sing and pray.

The women at the tomb on Easter morning arrived feeling sad, but very quickly felt joy when they learned that Jesus was alive again.

Our Jewish siblings have a tradition of spreading honey on specially prepared pages of scripture, scooping it up with their fingers, and putting the honey on the lips and tongues of small children so those children will know how sweet the words of God are to all people. Christians don’t have that specific tradition, but we can celebrate by tasting the sweetness of candy and knowing how sweet it is that Jesus is alive again.

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