Kids Korner: Thomas has questions (April 16th)

Read John 20:19-31 with your family.

Thomas had questions. He watched Jesus die and had a hard time believing that Jesus had come back to life.

Lots of people have questions about God and Jesus, about coming back to life, about why bad things happen and about what it means to live a Christian life. It’s okay to ask questions. In fact, we should ask lots of questions because faith and doubt work together.

We should never be told “just believe” as if that answers all the questions. When Jesus was asked questions by those who truly wanted to understand, he always took time to help them and answered the best he could.

Thomas always believed in Jesus and what Jesus stood for. He just had trouble believing with his eyes.

Jesus didn’t tell the disciples that the people who believed without seeing were better people, he just knew he wouldn’t always be around to prove it to others the way he proved it to Thomas, so it was the job of the disciples and all followers to help answer those questions for everyone else.

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